Kubuntu Issues

I was inspired by Jono Bacon’s post here and “Kubuntu, the Blue-Headed stepchild“.  This started as a response to the latter, but I decided this is a better venue.

My experience with Kubuntu has been frustrating, to say the least, and I doubt it has much to do with the Ubuntu team.  Firstly, the insistence on making everything “big” drives me crazy.  How can I use KDE when it won’t let me resize panels?  I also can’t find a way to create custom launcher icons on the panels (in gnome, I have a few set up to open ssh connections I use very often).

Also, how can I get a functional Application menu in Kubuntu that has proper icons and does not replace one menu section with another?  It’s ridiculous that it hides the list of application categories to display the applications themselves, unless the user is supposed to always know what category something is in.

Basically, I completely agree with the comments posted here: http://meta.ath0.com/2008/01/18/kde-4-ui-critique/ and am wondering if anyone knows of ways to work around them.


2 Responses to Kubuntu Issues

  1. rhkfin says:

    For menu: check lancelot (plasmoid-lancelot, I think, from some PPA repository)

    I think the toolbar resize has been fixed in SVN, not sure though.

  2. Scott says:

    All of the problems you’ve described are fixed in KDE 4.1. The panel is fully resizeable in every way imaginable, the menu can be replaced with a KDE 3.5 style menu. And the launchers are easy to do, although I would have to be sitting at my KDE desktop to describe it to you, which I am not.

    Just my two cents now: I don’t give a hoot that any particular person prefers KDE over GNOME or vice versa. Personal preference is just that: personal. I like KDE. You like GNOME. It’s all good. My problem with the Ubuntu devs has been that they make changes to core libraries without consideration for KDE breakage. This most recent change is ridiculous. A significant change in a core library after beta release is just stupid.

    If Ubuntu/Canonical doesn’t want to support Kubuntu, that’s cool, too. Stop paying lip service to “supporting Kubuntu” if you’re not going to. It’s that simple. Don’t flirt with it if you’re not ready to seal the deal.

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