Linux wins at CES

In case anyone missed it, Engadget is reporting that the EeePC is Asus’s most successful product ever. This comes along with Everex’s announcement of their EeePC competitor, the CloudBook, which will run a Ubuntu-based distribution. That’s the same Everex that has been producing sub-$200 computers running gOS (Ubuntu-based) that sell out at Wal-Mart.

CES also brings us Linux’s foray into the handheld gaming market in the form of the GP2X. As LinuxJournal predicted, this year’s CES is turning out to be a big one for Linux.

Addendum: Shuttle has announced a $200PC to also run Linux.  Nothing fancy here: no optical drive, no PCI-Express, etc.  But should make a nice machine if you just need internet access, especially for those with space limitations.  Looks like it’ll be a relatively low power consumer as well.


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